Turkish International Studies Association

A Network of Scholars working on Turkey

The Turkish International Studies Association, a North America based organization, is a network of scholars working on Turkey . TISA brings together international relations and political science scholars from all specialties and regions within the academe in order to expand awareness and understanding of international politics.

Turkish-ISA is an official cooperating organization of the International Studies Association (ISA).and organizes panels in ISA’s Annual Conventions. For more information on convention sites click here. 


NEWS: April 2010

Videos of ISA Roundtable in New Orleans now online!

Watch the Roundtable on the “State of the Turkish IR Discipline”

The participants are (from left to right) Fuat Keyman (Koc University), Mustafa Aydin (Kadir Has University), Halit Mustafa Tagma (Arizona State University), Faruk Yalvac (Middle East Technical University), Pinar Bilgin (Bilkent University) . The video is divided in to four parts with each being approximately 25 minutes.

(The first ten minutes of part 1 is dark due to light)

You can also watch them at: http://vimeo.com/channels/turkishisa




















March 2010


Turkish-ISA panels at the Annual Convention of the International Studies Association in New Orleans were a great success. Thanks for all the organizers, chairs, panelists, and the audience. In the coming months we shall be sending out a call for papers for the next ISA in Montreal, 2011. Here are some pictures from our panels:


Preparing for round-table on “State of the Discipline: Turkish IR Scholarship”

From left: Fuat Keyman (Koc University), Mustafa Aydin (Kadir Has University), Halit Mustafa Tagma (Arizona State University), Faruk Yalvac (Middle East Technical University), Pinar Bilgin (Bilkent University)



Afterwards of panel “Leaders and Structures in Turkish Foreign Policy”.

From left: Baris Kesgin (University of Kansas), Esra Cuhadar-Gurkaynak (Bilkent University), Balkan Devlen (Izmir University of Economics), Juliet Kaarbo (University of Kansas), Akan Malici (Furman University), Isa Camyar (University Louisiana, Lafayette), Ozgur Ozdamar (Bilkent Univeristy)


October 2009


It is our pleasure to announce that Turkish-ISA will be sponsoring the following
three panels at the ISA Annual Convention in New Orleans, Feb 17-20, 2010.
Having received more than 30 proposals, our review committee has made every
effort to be inclusive of various approaches and perspectives. The following
panels are now included in the official ISA program.

Panel 1: (Roundtable)

Theory vs. Policy? Evaluating Scholarship on Turkish Foreign Policy

Halit Mustafa Tagma
, Arizona State University (Chair)
Fuat Keyman, Koc University (Roundtable Participant)
Mustafa Aydin, (Roundtable Participant)
Faruk Yalvaç, Middle East Technical University (Roundtable Participant)
Huseyin Bagci, Middle East Technical University (Roundtable Participant)
Pinar Bilgin, Bilkent University (Roundtable Participant)

Panel 2: Leaders and Structures in the Making of Turkish Foreign Policy:
Decisionmaking Approaches

Isa Camyar,
University of Louisiana, Lafayette (Chair)
Akan Malici, Furman University (Discussant)
Juliet Kaarbo, University of Kansas: Coalition Politics in Turkish Foreign
Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Hamline University, Esra Cuhadar-Gurkaynak, Bilkent
University: Interaction Between Structure and Agency in Turkish Foreign Policy:
Conflicting Roles, Clashing Ideas, and Competing Priorities
Ozgur Ozdamar, TOBB University: A Strong Leader, a Prudent Majlis, and a
Legislative Accident: Turkey's Indecision to Join the 2003 Iraqi War
Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Hamline University, and Baris Kesgin, University of
Kansas: Turkey's 2003 Iraqi War Decision Reconsidered? A Sequential Approach
Balkan Devlen, Izmir University of Economics: AKP vs. `Old Guard'? The
Operational Codes of Turkish Foreign Policy

Panel 3: Turkish Foreign Policy: Competing Approaches

Ramazan Kilinc, Michigan State University (Chair)
Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Hamline University
Serdar Guner, Bilkent University, and Nil Satana, Bilkent University: The Use of
Constructivist Concepts in Rational Choice Models: When Religion Meets Foreign
Einar Wigen, Norwegian Insitute of International Affairs: Neo-Ottomanism as
Strategic Depth: When Theory Becomes Policy
Saban Kardas, University of Utah: A Neo-classical Realist Critique of the
`Regional Balancing Hypothesis': The Case of the Turkish Foreign Policy During
the Russo-Georgian Conflict of 2008
Caner Tekin, Izmir University of Economics and Dragos Mateescu, Izmir University
of Economics: The Time Beyond Space: The Identity of the Turkish Sovereign in
the Age of European Postmodernity
Visne Korkmaz, Yildiz Technical University: Regional Security in Post-Cold War
Europe: Creating New Territories or New Borders to be Secured in EU-Turkey


March 2009:


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It is our pleasure to announce that we had yet another successful International Studies Association Annual Convention in New York City.

The Turkish-ISA has sponsored two panels at this event. The total number of the audience of both panels combined was well over 50 scholars.